Supporting your healthy habits

Working on your nutrition is so tough when you're a busy Mum so that's why I have created regular support groups to help give you both the information and the support to kick start new healthy habits. With the support groups you will recieve:

- Whatsapp support group access where you post pictures of all food eaten each day to help with mindfullness and awareness
- Weekly goal setting and accountability via the group
- Support, accountibility and recipe ideas from fellow group members
- Four PDF meal ideas for well-balanced breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks
- Weekly nutrition discussions led by Registered Nutritionist Sophie Heath to cover topics like sugar cravings, protein products, supplements and more
- Weekly round up by Sophie of trends seen and suggested things to work on
- The opportunity to ask questions at any time throughout the course

The results have been transformative in both body and mind (see testimonials below), so I hope you can join us on the next course,

Sophie x

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