The Return to Movement 6 Week Plan

The online exercise programme that gives you confidence when returning to exercise post baby

Are you ready to exercise post baby but unsure what you should or shouldn't be doing?
Want to rebuild a strong core & pelvic floor whilst also working on your strength and fitness?
Prefer exercising from the comfort of your own home with follow along videos?

If this resonates, the Return to Movement 6 Week Plan is just for you. Returning to exercise post birth can be very daunting. I myself had a long road back to fitness after having my little boy and realised how little support there was for new mums. I craved an exercise plan that I could trust, and that was easy to follow with the hard work done for me - I had enough to worry about with a refluxy baby who didn't like to sleep much! That was when the Return to Movement Plan idea was born. I wanted to create a post natal exercise programme to support and guide other women like me taking those first steps back to exercise. The plan is safe & effective for new mums, with a format that is easy to follow and a schedule that is manageable even when time alone is limited. Continue reading if you want to find out more ...

What do you get?

The plan is built into 3 progressive blocks each lasting 2 weeks. For each week you will be programmed to do 3 key workouts, 1 stretch workout, 2 active recovery days and 1 rest day. You will recieve:

- Educational tutorials on "Posture & Alignment", "Diastasis" (including step by step guidance on how to check for your own) and "The connection breath"
- A 6-week daily calendar to follow
- 3 new workout videos for each block all designed by a specialist in post natal fitness and endorsed by women's health physiotherpist
1. "Core": Pilates-style workout to re-connect to your core
2. "Tone": Resistance band workout for building strong foundations
3. "Glow": Low-impact cardio to get your endorphins racing
- 3 stretch workout videos to keep you mobile throughout the plan
- 90 days of access to the plan so you can revisit the videos again and again
- Access to an exclusive forum where you can ask questions & form a support system with other Mumas on the plan

All workout videos are a maximum of 26 mins so easy to fit into your day!

You get all of this for just one payment of £75

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Who can join and what do you need?

You need to have clearance to exercise from your Doctor at your 6-8 week check or be 10+ weeks post c-section birth. It is also recommended that you see a Women's Health Physiotherapist before any return to exercise.

All you need is a mat to lie on, a long resistance band, a mini loop resistance band and a chair (or similar).

Oh ... and a little bit of time ... but all workout videos are a maximum of 26 minutes, so easy to fit into your day even with a little one who catnaps!

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"Sophie’s return to movement plan has been brilliantly designed and put together to safely and progressively get you back to feeling confident with movement again. She takes time to educate you on some key aspects of postnatal recovery that lots of other postnatal programmes lack. Over the 6 weeks she ensures that you have covered lots of the movements you would find in non postnatal specific classes" Rosie Cardale, Women's Health Physiotherapist (

Endorsed by Women's Health Physiotherapist

A sneak peak

If you need more convincing, here's a sneak peak inside the plan so you know what to expect upon purchase!

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Key FAQs

When can I start post birth?
You have to wait until you have had your clearance to exercise post birth from your medical professional (normally 6-8wks vaginal delivery). If you had a c-section you must be 10+ weeks post birth.

How do I access my plan upon purchase?
Go to the "Your Account" tab on the webite and you will find your plan under "Your Online Plans"

What kit do I need to do the programme?
All you need is a mat to lie on, a long resistance band and a mini loop resistance band (see image above)

Is there are 1-2-1 support?
Please contact me if you would like to add on some coaching calls throughout your plan

How many workouts is it a week?
There are 3 key workouts ("Core", "Tone" and "Glow") alongside 1 stretch day, 2 active recovery days (walking or swimming for example) and 1 full rest day.

Can I amend the structure given in the guide plan?
Yes, of course, I know things don't always go to plan as a Mum - so you can fit the workouts in whenever suits you best. All I ask is that you space out your 2 key workouts ("Core", "Tone" and "Glow") throughout the week with at least a rest day, an active recovery day or a stretch day between each of them.

What if I don't feel ready to move to the next block?
Please listen to your body and take your time. You have 90 days of access to the videos so you do not need to move at the pace of the plan if you are not able to. Take as long as you need on two week block before progressing.

What if I miss a workout?
This can happen from time to time. If this happens don't skip ahead until you have completed the phase in full.

Why are the workouts repeated in 2 weekly blocks?
This is so your body has a chance to adapt to the exercises in each of the workouts. We want your body to get used to that load before moving to the next level of progression.

What if I experience pain during my workout?
First you may wish to alter the movement - go less deep on a lunge or squat for example, or complete less time for a cardio interval. If the pain still persists when you've made changes, please book to see a women's health physiotherapist

Can I do other fitness programmes alongside the plan?
This is not recommended - this plan it designed to be used exclusively and it should have everything you need for you return to exercise. Doing additional exercise may result in over excertion.

Can I do this plan if I have a diastasis?
This plan is suitable if you have a small diastasis (around 2 finger widths), however it is always recommended to see a medical professional to get it checked in person, and certainly if your gap is 3 finger widths or larger. Please ensure you watch the diastasis tutorial and follow all of the guidance on what to look for with movement.

Is the plan safe to do if I have pelvic floor dysfunction such as incontinence?
Yes so long as you have had an assessment by a medical professional who has cleared you to do so. The plan is all low impact and designed to help recovery your core and pelvic floor function safely and progressively.